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When I was growing up, I spent my time watching Jane Fonda video’s, and subsequently working out exercise classes for my dolls and teddy bears! I have always had a love and passion for exercise, health and wellness. Only during my studies, did I realise that I have a specific passion for helping women, in various areas of life. I specialised in pre- and postnatal exercise as well, as this is such a wonderful, yet unsure time, for many women in this stage of life.

Health & wellness comprises of more elements than just the fitness aspect. By working hand in hand with a wellness coach, one looks at all aspects of your life, including fitness, nutrition, emotional and mental well-being, the season in your life that you are in, stress levels and so much more! I am a DNA testing practitioner, and believe that using this tool, one can get yourself a lot better and work more effectively at regaining your optimal health. 































Women's Pilates Group

Women only class morning classes in the summer months. Please contact for more information!

There are evening classes available at the same venue, presented by Jeannette from Pilates@Labri. Every Monday & Wednesday evening at the 17:15 and a mixed class at 18:00.

Class participants bring their own mats, resistance bands, Pilates balls as well as small balls. 

Fees start from R380 per month, dependent on how many classes per week. Beginners welcome! All fitness levels are welcome!

One-on-One Presonal Training & Pilates

Personal or Mini Group Training

Tailor made exercise classes to suit you as an individual on your own or within a mini group, of no more than 4 participants. 

These sessions can be done at my place, your place or a public (safe) outdoor space!

These sessions include body measurements and tracking of progress as we go along.



















The Balanced Living Fitness & Wellness Consultants Journey


Health and fitness does not have to be an obsession, but rather part of life. Enjoy life, love yourself and spread happiness wherever you go! We believe in being consistent, finding an exercise that you enjoy and eating well whilst enjoying your food.

“Eat to nourish your body, not punish it”